Can I Take Fairy Lights On A Plane?

The holidays will not be the same without cheerful fairy lights. They create the perfect, joyful atmosphere without breaking the bank. According to the website, you can bring your fairy or Christmas lights in your carry-on or checked baggage. However, check your airline’s official page for more information.

Most airlines will allow you to carry these lights, especially during the holidays. I recommend leaving your fairy light in the box. So they don’t get tangled. Similarly, because these lights come with an AA battery pack as their power source, TSA also allows you to carry them on the plane.

With that in mind here, are some packaging tips to follow: When traveling with batteries, always pack the spare in their separate plastic bag or package. Make sure your lights will not turn on accidentally during the flight. With tape, keep the device in its off positions.

How do I set the timer on my fairy lights?

Setting a trimer on your fairy lights is beneficial because you can save on battery power when your lights are not in use. There are two ways to set a timer on your luminaires.

Method One: Using the battery pack

  • Look for the timer button on the battery pack.
  • It should have some preset timer periods to the back.
  • For instance: 4H, 6H, 12H, or 24H.
  • Set it to which default timer you choose.

Method Two: Use the remote

To use the remote is very straightforward.

  • Press-On and OFF to control the lights.
  • Tap the preset timer button on the remote.
  • Stop the timer by tapping the 24H button.

How to fix a broken fairy light wire?

While doing my research on fairy lights, I have discovered this helpful video on fixing the copper wire if it is broken. The owner of the channel, Holly Chisholm, gives us a detailed but simple method of getting your lights shining again. She says you would notice a break in the wire between the LEDs with one working and the other is off.

Items you would need:

Lighter, sandpaper, and electrical tape (optional)


  • Turn off the lights.
  • With the sandpaper, sand both ends a few times.
  • Use the lighter, and heat each ends for three seconds or until the wire gets a bit darker.
  • Be careful because the wire can get hot quickly.
  • Then, twist the ends together and secure them by wrapping electrical tape.

With over 205 positive comments and 78,000 views, this technique works like a charm.

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