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The Led Strip Lights That Work With Spotify

Strip lights

Strips lights are an amazing way to add extra fun to your parties and get-together. But, if you don’t have any music download on your phone, you may run in some problems pairing it with music from a streaming app.

Apps like Spotify allows you to stream music without the need to buy that music. However, if you play the music aloud or activating the microphone mode, the strips can interact with the beats. If you clap your hands, the sensitive build-in microphone will pick up the sounds as long as it’s working properly.

So, the best-led strip lights that work with Spotify can be any light with build-in micro-phones. They’re a lot of choices out there with hundreds of brands offering these features, but in this post, I will feature the best of the best.

Wifi AOGUERBE 15 M / 50 feet Music LED Strip Light

Aoguerbe is a fun light that has a built-in microphone controlled by an app. It allows you to sync music easily compared to other lights as it connects with the beat of the music and even your voice. The app support removes any technical difficulties that you’ll get when using any handheld remote.

The music mode is very simple to use with four modes giving you more option.

  • Mode 1- Fades in between colors as you play music or talk.
  • Mode 2- Only comes on when your music is playing or you are talking. If there are no sounds, the lights are off.
  • Mode 3- Change colors as you speak.
  • Mode 4- Display colors very fast when music is played or you are speaking.

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 Govee 32.8ft Smart LED Strip Lights

These Govee LED band lights to have almost 33 meters of vibrant 1,080 LM lighting and work via the Govee home app. It features the Amazon Alexa and Google Home modes so, you can use your voice to control the lighting.

Further, you can connect your phone to enjoy sound responsive microphones which immediately transform your voice or the music beats into a light show.

The Pros

  • Hands-Free Voice Control.
  • Connects with smart app.
  • Strong microphone to pick up every beat.
  • Easy to Install.

The Cons

  • Only works with the American version of Alexa.
  • Customers complained of SMOLDERING.

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Nexillumi 50Ft LED Strip Lights

This light strip is a perfect addition to your room or entertainment accent. It is one of the best strips for Spotify and includes 25-foot full of lights and several L-shaped connectors so you can cut and stick anywhere.

Like many other brands, the Nexillumi’ uses only 27 watts of power and with the Ehome Light app, the colors are fully customizable. You can use the app or the remote, whichever is convenient for you.

The Pros

  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a timer to turn on/off the lights.
  • Microphone mode.
  • Customisable colors and brightness.

The Cons

  • Difficult to install.
  • Terrible customer service.

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Tips To Help You With Your Strip Lights

strip lights for spotify

The best thing about LED lights is they are available in types to suit your every need.

  • DC LED Flex Strips – Consists 12VDC power, these strip lights have an adhesive backing for easy mounting and can be cut every two inches. They are waterproof and features 30 LEDs/M or 60 LEDs/M.
  • AC LED Flex Strips – Colorful strip lights that run straight from your outlet. 
  • LED Rope Light – Encased, Omni-directional LEDs in the standard rope light packaging.
  • High Output LED Strips – High Power LEDs from Cree, Luxeon and Nichia mounted to the strips with onboard drivers and circuitry.

You should already have an understanding of how you going to install your lights and where you are going to stick them. For certain strips such as the DC LED Flex strip, have a sticky back that connects them to a clean surface.

Strip LED lights can transform any space into an entertainment center and with music, it is a light show. However, if you want to use the Spotify app you’ll need a light with strong microphone features to pick up each beat of the song.


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