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Hi lovelies, My name is Anais. I am 29 years old and love smart strips, LEDs, and many other lighting fixtures.

My family was not rich, so we couldn’t afford the chandeliers and expensive tables or floor lamps. So, the first time I saw a beautiful chandelier, I was seven at a friend’s home.



LED lighting

How Can I Control My Outside Lights With My Phone?

how to control my outdoor lights with my smart phone?

How To Make A Motion Lights Stay On

How To Make A Motion Sensor Light Stay On?

Soft White Vs Bright White Vs Daylight Bulbs

soft white

Add Guide To Bright White Bulbs

A Guide To Bright White Light Bulbs

Philips Hue Tips And Tricks

Philips Hue Alternatives

Best Philips Hue Play Light Bar Alternatives

Philips Hue Go Alternatives

Philips Hue Go Alternative

Can’t Log In to Philips Hue App? Plus More

Can’t Log In Philips Hue App?

4 Light Bulbs That Work With Alexa Without A Hub

String And Strip Lights Tips

Taking Fairy Lights On A Plane

Can I Take Fairy Lights On A Plane?

Hanging Fairy Lights On Wall

How To Hang Fairy Lights On A Wall?

Restick Strip Lights

How To Restick LED Light Strips?

Are LED Strip Lights Bad For Your Eyes

Are Led Strip Lights Bad For Your Eyes?

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What Are Indoor Flood Lights Used For?

What Are Indoor Flood Lights Used For?

How Many Lamps Should Be In A Room?

How Many Lamps Should Be In A Room?

Is Buzzing Light Dangerous?

Is A Buzzing Light Bulb Dangerous?

Dimmer Lights Flicker

Can A Dimmer Switch Cause Lights To Flicker?
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