What Size Lamp Should I Use In A Living Room?

Regardless of your lifestyle, your living room is a place for meetings and interactions. You must ensure that your guests, relatives and families feel comfortable and without great lighting, your room will feel gloomy. There is no one fit when choosing the perfect lamp since the size of the lamp varies depending on the overall style of your home.

Table and floor lamps handle task lighting, however, in certain circumstances, they add to ambient lighting. Below is a guide to help you when buying a lamp size, whether it’s online shopping or in stores, you’ll know which to choose.

Top points

  • A lamp should not be bigger than the table it sits on.
  • Consider the ceiling of the room.
  • The Lampshade must be twice the size of the base.

Table Lamps

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When buying a table lamp, take into account the height of the ceiling. For a high ceiling, you will need a table lamp on the taller side. Typically, table lamps should not be higher than the table on which they are placed, and their shadow should never be greater than your table.

For table lamps used for reading, the lower lampshade should be at eye level when someone sitting on the sofa. For instance, if your nightstand is 24 inches high, look for a lamp that is about 27 inches high if possible.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are one of the best ways to add to ambient lighting and it varies in size, shapes and colors. Further, their narrow appearance makes it easy to fit into any space.

A general rule of thumb is that if you are looking for a floor lamp to place near a couch, it should be about 58-64 inches high. The typical height of floor lamps, which looks good in a living room, is between 56 and 66 inches.

Choosing the Lampshade Size

To calculate the size of your lampshade, measure the base height of the lamp, and the shade must be twice the size of the base.

For a lamp with a base area of 5 inches, the shade should be 10 inches high. Similarly, if the total height of your lamp (including light bulb and harp) is 28 inches and your shade need to be 9.3 inches higher.

Types Of Lampshade

You may not think lampshade is important, but it’s the visual asset of every lamp. Furthermore, it is one of the first fixtures someone notice when they enter your home your home. That’s why is vital for you as the buyer to understand the powers lampshade holds.

So, consider the color, pattern and style of your shade. For example, if you purchase Philip Hue smart bulb, a white round lampshade is your best bet as it gives the bulb blank canvas to highlight the beautiful color that comes with that bulb.

Another example includes: if your room is simple, a patterned lampshade with work wonders lifting your room dimensions.

Now that you know how high your table lamp should be, you can choose the type of light for your home. Once you know the size you need, consider the shape of your lampstand to decide what type of lampshade you are looking for. Your lamp must match the style of your room.

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